Style & Fashion on “House of Cards”: Doug Stamper’s Style

We Took a Closer Look at the Style Choices of Michael Kelly’s Character, Doug Stamper

Getting to know the characters of a new TV show is something that rarely happens overnight. More often than not, you’ve really to got to see the show for at least one season before you can get a grasp on most of the characters. With David Fincher’s House of Cards, however, the characters simply jump right off the screen. These are characters that each have their own agendas, and it comes through in their appearance on screen. Doug Stamper serves as an aid to Kevin Spacey’s character, and actor Michael Kelly helps him to come alive on screen. Stamper is an interesting dresser, straddling the lines of somewhat boring and sophisticated. It’s the subtlety in this ensemble that makes it worse, however, which is more than worth paying attention to. If you want to look like Stamper, consider the following aspects of his look.

Doug Stamper on “House of Cards” is a good example for how the classic business suit should fit. His straight cut (non-pleated) pants add a youthful look to this somewhat conservative politician

Lots of Striped Ties
Stripes either work or they don’t, depending upon the way you tend to dress. Many people who wear stripes do so because they have for years, and it’s become habitual. Doug Stamper seems to be one of those people, as he appears almost to have been born wearing this timeless necktie pattern. It is a perfect choice to portray an elegant but also style-conservative look. For a good reason, stripes and solids are the most popular necktie pattern found in politics today.

House of Cards/ Stamper
Doug Stamper shows us that you can wear stripes on stripes as long as they vary in scale. Here he chose to wear a narrow pin-striped suit with a wider striped necktie.

Perfect Tailoring
Doug Stamper is a man in his 50s who appears to be in pretty good physical shape. His lean physique is well complimented with the perfectly tailored suits. His suits are a bit conservative, (probably chosen to fit into the politician’s wardrobe), but they are anything but boxy. The sleeve length and shoulder fit is just right, and the way he pairs is modern ties (about 3.25 inches in width) to the somewhat narrow lapeled suits is perfect.

Takeaways for the Modern Man
There are both good and bad things to take away from Doug Stamper’s look. For one, you can get a lot out of wearing stripes if you know how to do it. You might even wish to incorporate a variety of striped ties into your wardrobe, which will make it easier to create versatile ensembles. On the other side you do not want to overdo it as you might run the risk of being known as the “guy who always wears striped ties” at the office. Another positive takeaway of Stamper’s look is his clothing fit. A trip to a tailor should be on any man’s calendar for 2013. Do some research beforehand such as reading reviews on Yelp. Good tailoring will make even a cheaper suit look like an expensive designer piece.

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  1. Robert Perry says:

    Doug’s suits are the absolute best! His tailor deserves a raise!

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