Pink Ties

Below is our current assortment of neckties in pink. Besides the elegant solid pink tie you will find pink ties with classic stripes, modern paisley pattern, as well as playful polka dot designs. Click on your favorite pink tie.

Apricot Peach TieApricot Peach Tie$9.90 Grenadine Men\'s Tie in Light Rose PinkGrenadine Men's Tie in Light Rose Pink$9.90 Single Hued Necktie in Antique BlushSingle Hued Necktie in Antique Blush$9.90 Mens Tie in Trendy Hot-PinkMens Tie in Trendy Hot-Pink$9.90 Preppy Striped Tie Pink NavyPreppy Striped Tie Pink Navy$9.90 Single Colored Tie in Petal PinkSingle Colored Tie in Petal Pink$9.90 Tropical Peach TieTropical Peach Tie$9.90 Skinny Dot Pattern Tie in Dark CoralSkinny Dot Pattern Tie in Dark Coral$14.90 Blush Colored Striped Men\'s TieBlush Colored Striped Men's Tie$9.90 Victorian Pink Colored NecktieVictorian Pink Colored Necktie$9.90 Elegant Petal Pink Colored NecktieElegant Petal Pink Colored Necktie$14.90 Soft Blush Hued NecktieSoft Blush Hued Necktie$9.90 Solid Color Tie in Candy PinkSolid Color Tie in Candy Pink$9.90 Striped Tie in PinkStriped Tie in Pink$4.95 Solid Colored Necktie in Soft PinkSolid Colored Necktie in Soft Pink$9.90 Deep Purple TieDeep Purple Tie$9.90 Pink Striped TiePink Striped Tie$9.90 Soft Pastel Pink Neck Tie in Narrow WidthSoft Pastel Pink Neck Tie in Narrow Widt..$9.90 Striped Tie in Punch PinkStriped Tie in Punch Pink$9.90 Blush Color Necktie with Textured WeaveBlush Color Necktie with Textured Weave$14.90 Blush Pink Mens Necktie with Micro ChecksBlush Pink Mens Necktie with Micro Check..$14.90 Coral Pink Colored Mens TieCoral Pink Colored Mens Tie$9.90 Summer Striped Tie in Coral RedSummer Striped Tie in Coral Red$9.90 Mens Tie in Bright PinkMens Tie in Bright Pink$9.90 Summer Necktie in BlushSummer Necktie in Blush$14.90 Blush Pink, White, Silver Striped TieBlush Pink, White, Silver Striped Tie$14.90 Heathered Pastel Orange NecktieHeathered Pastel Orange Necktie$14.90 Striped Tie in Hot Pink and WhiteStriped Tie in Hot Pink and White$9.90 Heathered and Textured Pink TieHeathered and Textured Pink Tie$14.90 Raspberry Pink Summer NecktieRaspberry Pink Summer Necktie$9.90 Texturred Tie in Soft PinkTexturred Tie in Soft Pink$14.90 Peony Color Men\'s NecktiePeony Color Men's Necktie$9.90 Candy Pink NecktieCandy Pink Necktie$9.90 Skinny Coral Color Tie with DotsSkinny Coral Color Tie with Dots$14.90 Pre-Tied Bow Tie in Blush PinkPre-Tied Bow Tie in Blush Pink$14.90 Mens Summer Tie in Bright Flamingo ColorMens Summer Tie in Bright Flamingo Color$9.90 Light Blush Pink Mens TieLight Blush Pink Mens Tie$9.90 Skinny Tie in AzaleaSkinny Tie in Azalea$14.90 Skinny Check Design Tie in PinkSkinny Check Design Tie in Pink$14.90 Trendy Summer Necktie in Confetti PinkTrendy Summer Necktie in Confetti Pink$18.90 Mens Tie in Deep Orchid PinkMens Tie in Deep Orchid Pink$9.90 Coral Red Colored Summer TieCoral Red Colored Summer Tie$9.90 Mens Necktie in Shell PinkMens Necktie in Shell Pink$9.90 Mens Tie in Pink Mist ColorMens Tie in Pink Mist Color$9.90 Trendy Plaid Slim Necktie in BlushTrendy Plaid Slim Necktie in Blush$14.90 Floral Patterned Tie in PeachesFloral Patterned Tie in Peaches$24.90 Check Print Tie in Light PinkCheck Print Tie in Light Pink$14.90 Trendy Plaid Mens Tie in BlushTrendy Plaid Mens Tie in Blush$14.90 Bright Pink Striped TieBright Pink Striped Tie$14.90 Watermelon Pink and Blue Striped TieWatermelon Pink and Blue Striped Tie$24.90 Rose Petal Pink NecktieRose Petal Pink Necktie$14.90 Pre-Tied Bow Tie in Trendy Hot-PinkPre-Tied Bow Tie in Trendy Hot-Pink$9.90 Trendy Summer Tie in Pink with Modern Glen CheckTrendy Summer Tie in Pink with Modern Gl..$14.90 Pastel Pink Summer Bow TiePastel Pink Summer Bow Tie$14.90 Pink Textured TiePink Textured Tie$18.90 Bright Fuchia Pink Bow TieBright Fuchia Pink Bow Tie$14.90 Azalea Hued Summer Tie with Paisley PatternAzalea Hued Summer Tie with Paisley Patt..$14.90 Electric Fuschia Pink NecktieElectric Fuschia Pink Necktie$9.90 Pre-tied Men\'s Bow Tie in Candy PinkPre-tied Men's Bow Tie in Candy Pink$14.90 Bright Magenta Pink TieBright Magenta Pink Tie$9.90 Mens Necktie in Peach SorbetMens Necktie in Peach Sorbet$9.90 Patterned Pink TiePatterned Pink Tie$18.90 Rose Petal Pink Striped TieRose Petal Pink Striped Tie$18.90 Modern Blue and Pink Striped TieModern Blue and Pink Striped Tie$14.90 Paisley Tie in Blue and PinkPaisley Tie in Blue and Pink$24.90 Solid Necktie in Rose Petal PinkSolid Necktie in Rose Petal Pink$14.90 Orchid Pink Men\'s Tie in Solid ColorOrchid Pink Men's Tie in Solid Color$9.90 Striped Tie in Pink and Truffle BrownStriped Tie in Pink and Truffle Brown$18.90 Modern Striped Tie in PurpleModern Striped Tie in Purple$24.90 Hot Pink and Black Plaid TieHot Pink and Black Plaid Tie$14.90 Trendy Knit Tie in Dark FuchsiaTrendy Knit Tie in Dark Fuchsia$18.90 Berry Pink and White Striped Men\'s TieBerry Pink and White Striped Men's Tie$14.90 Bright Raspberry Pink NecktieBright Raspberry Pink Necktie$9.90 Mens Designer Tie in Rose PinkMens Designer Tie in Rose Pink$24.90 Pink and Slate Grey Foulard TiePink and Slate Grey Foulard Tie$24.90 Bright Magenta TieBright Magenta Tie$18.90 Patterned Pink TiePatterned Pink Tie$24.90 Pink and Blue Striped TiePink and Blue Striped Tie$24.90 Light Pink Narrow Tie in Polka DotsLight Pink Narrow Tie in Polka Dots$18.90 Tan, Cream, and Pink Skinny Linen NecktieTan, Cream, and Pink Skinny Linen Neckti..$18.90 Necktie in Bubblegum PinkNecktie in Bubblegum Pink$14.90 Fresh Pink TieFresh Pink Tie$9.90 Pink Tartan Checkered TiePink Tartan Checkered Tie$14.90 Modern Striped Tie in PinksModern Striped Tie in Pinks$14.90 Modern Striped Tie in PurpleModern Striped Tie in Purple$14.90 Modern Print Tie in Hot PinkModern Print Tie in Hot Pink$24.90 Black and Pink Patchwork Patterned TieBlack and Pink Patchwork Patterned Tie$24.90 Mens Textured Tie in Paradise PinkMens Textured Tie in Paradise Pink$14.90 Bold Summer Tie in Orchid PinkBold Summer Tie in Orchid Pink$9.90 Solid Colored Bow Tie in Dusty PinkSolid Colored Bow Tie in Dusty Pink$9.90 Pink and White Houndstooth Tie in Slim SizePink and White Houndstooth Tie in Slim S..$18.90 Striped Tie in Pink and WhiteStriped Tie in Pink and White$9.90 Bright Pink TieBright Pink Tie$18.90 $14.90 Modern Plaid Tie in PurplesModern Plaid Tie in Purples$24.90 Dark Pink Gingham Patterned TieDark Pink Gingham Patterned Tie$14.90 Pure Silk Fuchsia Tie in Vintage StylePure Silk Fuchsia Tie in Vintage Style$24.90 Diagonally Striped Tie in Pinks and BlacksDiagonally Striped Tie in Pinks and Blac..$24.90 Designer Plaid Tie in Vintage PeachDesigner Plaid Tie in Vintage Peach$18.90 Men\'s Navy and Fuchsia Striped TieMen's Navy and Fuchsia Striped Tie$14.90 Rose Petal Striped TieRose Petal Striped Tie$18.90 Pique Patterned Pink TiePique Patterned Pink Tie$18.90 Hot Pink and Charcoal Polka Dot TieHot Pink and Charcoal Polka Dot Tie$14.90 Modern Purple Striped TieModern Purple Striped Tie$18.90 Cotton Self Tie Bow Tie with White and Pink Gingham CheckCotton Self Tie Bow Tie with White and P..$19.90 Deep Pink and Silver Striped TieDeep Pink and Silver Striped Tie$18.90 Sleek Tie in Dark Passion FruitSleek Tie in Dark Passion Fruit$14.90 Summer Tie in Watermelon ColorSummer Tie in Watermelon Color$14.90 Espresso and Mauve-Pink Striped NecktieEspresso and Mauve-Pink Striped Necktie$9.90 Vibrant Carnation Pink TieVibrant Carnation Pink Tie$24.90 Silk Necktie in Radiant Coral Pink ColorSilk Necktie in Radiant Coral Pink Color$18.90 Solid Mens Bow Tie in Bright PinkSolid Mens Bow Tie in Bright Pink$9.90 Pink Skinny Tie with Fishhook PatternPink Skinny Tie with Fishhook Pattern$18.90 Bright Magenta Colored Bow TieBright Magenta Colored Bow Tie$19.90 Carnation Pink Men\'s TieCarnation Pink Men's Tie$14.90 Solid Color Tie in FlamingoSolid Color Tie in Flamingo$14.90 Pink Foulard TiePink Foulard Tie$18.90 Striped Tie in Lavender and PinkStriped Tie in Lavender and Pink$24.90 Modern Striped Tie in BurgundyModern Striped Tie in Burgundy$24.90 Trendy Striped Tie in Pink & WhiteTrendy Striped Tie in Pink & White$24.90 Red and Purple Striped TieRed and Purple Striped Tie$9.90 Soft Pink and Ivory Striped TieSoft Pink and Ivory Striped Tie$24.90 Dark Pink and White Striped TieDark Pink and White Striped Tie$18.90 Dark Navy Tie with Pink and Green AccentsDark Navy Tie with Pink and Green Accent..$18.90 Modern Check Tie in Purple, Pink, and GrayModern Check Tie in Purple, Pink, and Gr..$18.90 Designer Patterned Pink TieDesigner Patterned Pink Tie$14.90 Mens Floral Tie in Pinks and SilversMens Floral Tie in Pinks and Silvers$24.90 Necktie Bright Fuchsia Blossom Hue with Navy AccentsNecktie Bright Fuchsia Blossom Hue with ..$14.90 Beautiful and Professional Looking Necktie Made from Pure SilkBeautiful and Professional Looking Neckt..$39.90 Skinny Gingham Tie in Blues and PinksSkinny Gingham Tie in Blues and Pinks$39.90 Summer Plaid Madras Necktie in Skinny WidthSummer Plaid Madras Necktie in Skinny Wi..$39.90 Pink Slim Width Necktie for MenPink Slim Width Necktie for Men$9.90 Spring Pink Herringbone TieSpring Pink Herringbone Tie$18.90 Cotton Skinny Tie in Coral Red and WhiteCotton Skinny Tie in Coral Red and White$18.90 Plaid Mens Tie in Azalea PinkPlaid Mens Tie in Azalea Pink$14.90 Pink Floral Print TiePink Floral Print Tie$24.90 Lilac Pink TieLilac Pink Tie$9.90 Bright Lilac TieBright Lilac Tie$14.90 Sangria Pink and Navy Striped TieSangria Pink and Navy Striped Tie$18.90 Check Patterned Tie in Purple and PinkCheck Patterned Tie in Purple and Pink$24.90 Bright Pink Summer Tie with White StripesBright Pink Summer Tie with White Stripe..$18.90 Art Deco Tie in Pinks and BluesArt Deco Tie in Pinks and Blues$34.90 Narrow Neck Tie in Bright MaroonNarrow Neck Tie in Bright Maroon$14.90 Modern Style Rose Petal Pink TieModern Style Rose Petal Pink Tie$9.90 Floral Patterned Tie in Seasonal PinksFloral Patterned Tie in Seasonal Pinks$18.90 Diamond Tie in Cultured Pinks and GraysDiamond Tie in Cultured Pinks and Grays$18.90 Stunning Necktie with Fuchsia Dot PatternStunning Necktie with Fuchsia Dot Patter..$24.90 Chihuahua TieChihuahua Tie$39.90

Why Men Wear Pink Ties

Pink is no longer a color that is exclusively reserved for women. Although men typically only choose smaller accessories in pink, the color pink has found a stable place in the modern manís wardrobe since the glamour times of the 1980s. In todayís mens fashion the color pink is found on polo shirts, shorts, sandals, dress shirts, and also neckties. One of the most well known pink tie wearers is business tycoon Donald Trump.

Guide to Wearing Pink Ties

The pink tie is a perfect spring and summer tie. It looks excellent with any gray to charcoal colored suit, suits in any shade of navy, tan, and seersucker. The best dress shirt colors are classic white or any pastel colored dress shirt that complements any of the accent colors found on the necktie. For more matching tips please click on one of the ties above and read the detailed product description.

The Meaning of the Color Pink

Pink is a color made up from red and white. It therefore combines the purity of the color white with the passion and excitement of red. Thus, pink is said to be a romantic, passionate, and innocent color. Pink encourages people to be kind, loving, compassionate, and caring.

Different Shades of Pink

The spectrum of pink ranges from a very pale rose to a rich magenta. Above you will find pink ties in shades such as: coral-pink, magenta, hot-pink, guava-pink, tea-rose, watermelon, Cerise-pink, salmon-pink, cherry-blossom, and much more.