Silver Ties

Below is our most recent collection of neckties in light gray and silver. For more information on each tie, such as matching tips, please click on your favorite silver tie below.

Mens Tie in Light PlatinumMens Tie in Light Platinum$9.90 Men\'s Micro Checkered Tie in SilverMen's Micro Checkered Tie in Silver$9.90 Platinum Silver and White Striped TiePlatinum Silver and White Striped Tie$9.90 Silver Tie with White StripesSilver Tie with White Stripes$9.90 Two Toned Grey Patterned TieTwo Toned Grey Patterned Tie$14.90 Silver and White Ribbed Textured Striped TieSilver and White Ribbed Textured Striped..$9.90 Pewter Grey Striped TiePewter Grey Striped Tie$9.90 Modern Striped Tie in Grey and WhiteModern Striped Tie in Grey and White$18.90 Graphite Grey TieGraphite Grey Tie$9.90 Mens Tie in Festive Dark SilverMens Tie in Festive Dark Silver$9.90 Mens Graphic Plaid in Black and GreyMens Graphic Plaid in Black and Grey$18.90 Solid Champagne Silk TieSolid Champagne Silk Tie$18.90 Men\'s Solid Silver TieMen's Solid Silver Tie$9.90 Silver Tie with Micro Gingham Check PatternSilver Tie with Micro Gingham Check Patt..$9.90 Contemporary Plaid in Greys and RedsContemporary Plaid in Greys and Reds$14.90 Striped Silk Tie White SilverStriped Silk Tie White Silver$18.90 Stunning Soft Silver Men’s TieStunning Soft Silver Men’s Tie$18.90 Textured Striped Tie in Light SilverTextured Striped Tie in Light Silver$14.90 Single Color Tie in Frosted SilverSingle Color Tie in Frosted Silver$9.90 Single Colored Necktie in Dove GraySingle Colored Necktie in Dove Gray$9.90 Handmade Silver Silk TieHandmade Silver Silk Tie$18.90 Dark Charcoal and Silver NecktieDark Charcoal and Silver Necktie$14.90 Striped Tie in Metallic SilverStriped Tie in Metallic Silver$9.90 Men\'s Luxe Paisley NecktieMen's Luxe Paisley Necktie$24.90 Slim Tie in Charcoal GraySlim Tie in Charcoal Gray$18.90 Worsted Wool Tie in Gray and BlackWorsted Wool Tie in Gray and Black$18.90 Classic Silver Pre-Tied Bow TieClassic Silver Pre-Tied Bow Tie$9.90 Charcoal Gray Silk NecktieCharcoal Gray Silk Necktie$18.90 Uber Modern Silver Striped TieUber Modern Silver Striped Tie$24.90 Uber Skinny Tie with Tonal Polka DotsUber Skinny Tie with Tonal Polka Dots$14.90 Silver Silk Designer TieSilver Silk Designer Tie$18.90 Intricate Floral Motif Necktie in ChampagneIntricate Floral Motif Necktie in Champa..$24.90 Festive Silver Silk TieFestive Silver Silk Tie$18.90 Charcoal and Fern Green TieCharcoal and Fern Green Tie$9.90 Pure Silver Necktie Handcrafted from MicrofiberPure Silver Necktie Handcrafted from Mic..$14.90 Black and Grey Patterned TieBlack and Grey Patterned Tie$24.90 Striped Tie in Silvers and BlacksStriped Tie in Silvers and Blacks$14.90 Graphite Grey Floral TieGraphite Grey Floral Tie$24.90 Modern Men\'s Tie in Silvers and GreysModern Men's Tie in Silvers and Greys$14.90 Gray and Gold Skinny Tie by BlackBirdGray and Gold Skinny Tie by BlackBird$18.90 Stone Gray Necktie in Skinny Style with Leather LookStone Gray Necktie in Skinny Style with ..$14.90 Mens Silk Tie in Dark GrayMens Silk Tie in Dark Gray$18.90 Striped Tie in Soft SilverStriped Tie in Soft Silver$24.90 Light Blue and Grey Diamond TieLight Blue and Grey Diamond Tie$18.90 Silver and Green Patterned TieSilver and Green Patterned Tie$14.90 Soild Tie in Dark GreySoild Tie in Dark Grey$9.90 Floral Patterned Tie in Black and SilverFloral Patterned Tie in Black and Silver$24.90 Men\'s Textured Tie in PlatinumMen's Textured Tie in Platinum$14.90 Metallic Silver Knit Skinny TieMetallic Silver Knit Skinny Tie$18.90 Narrow Necktie in Dark PewterNarrow Necktie in Dark Pewter$9.90 Smoke Gray Bow TieSmoke Gray Bow Tie$14.90 Italian Designer Tie in Black and SilverItalian Designer Tie in Black and Silver$24.90 Classic Striped Tie in Silver GrayClassic Striped Tie in Silver Gray$18.90 Silver Gray Tie with Narrow StripesSilver Gray Tie with Narrow Stripes$14.90 Smoke-Gray & White Silk TieSmoke-Gray & White Silk Tie$24.90 Designer Necktie in Graphite Grey and GoldDesigner Necktie in Graphite Grey and Go..$24.90 Diamond Tie in Metallic SilversDiamond Tie in Metallic Silvers$9.90 Urban Black and Charcoal Plaid Patterned TieUrban Black and Charcoal Plaid Patterned..$18.90 Gray and Silver Designer TieGray and Silver Designer Tie$14.90 Smoke Gray Skinny Silk TieSmoke Gray Skinny Silk Tie$18.90 Black and Pewter Striped TieBlack and Pewter Striped Tie$14.90 Festive Silver Silk Bow TieFestive Silver Silk Bow Tie$14.90 Masculine Striped Tie in Tonal SilversMasculine Striped Tie in Tonal Silvers$24.90 Modern Black and White Striped TieModern Black and White Striped Tie$24.90 Dark Grey Skinny TieDark Grey Skinny Tie$14.90 Silver and Grey Striped TieSilver and Grey Striped Tie$24.90 Fall Collection Tie in Grays and BrownsFall Collection Tie in Grays and Browns$24.90 Oversize Plaid in Tonal CharcoalsOversize Plaid in Tonal Charcoals$18.90 Graphite Grey and Black Plaid TieGraphite Grey and Black Plaid Tie$24.90 Men\'s Metallic Silver TieMen's Metallic Silver Tie$24.90 Urban Charcoal Tie with Black StripesUrban Charcoal Tie with Black Stripes$24.90 Graphite Grey Necktie with Black StripesGraphite Grey Necktie with Black Stripes$14.90 Mens Handwoven Tie in CharcoalMens Handwoven Tie in Charcoal$18.90 Ribbed Texture Tie in Dark SilverRibbed Texture Tie in Dark Silver$14.90 Designer Floral Silvers and OrangesDesigner Floral Silvers and Oranges$24.90 Gray Faded Look Necktie Made from Pure SilkGray Faded Look Necktie Made from Pure S..$18.90 Pure Silk Bowtie in Magnetic Silver ColorPure Silk Bowtie in Magnetic Silver Colo..$18.90 Patterned Tie in Ice GreyPatterned Tie in Ice Grey$14.90 Designer Black and Silver TieDesigner Black and Silver Tie$18.90 Striped Tie in Silver and GreyStriped Tie in Silver and Grey$24.90 Mens Striped Tie in GreysMens Striped Tie in Greys$24.90 Silver and Red Paisley Patterned TieSilver and Red Paisley Patterned Tie$24.90 Uber Modern Textured Tie in CharcoalUber Modern Textured Tie in Charcoal$24.90 Retro Striped Tie in CharcoalsRetro Striped Tie in Charcoals$24.90 Designer Knit Tie in Dark GrayDesigner Knit Tie in Dark Gray$18.90 Designer Necktie in CarbonDesigner Necktie in Carbon$9.90 Contemporary Skinny Tie in SilversContemporary Skinny Tie in Silvers$24.90 Graphite Paisley Tie With Silver AccentsGraphite Paisley Tie With Silver Accents$24.90 Designer Paisley Tie in SilversDesigner Paisley Tie in Silvers$24.90 Pewter and Black Striped Self-Tie BowtiePewter and Black Striped Self-Tie Bowtie$39.90 Navy Blue Striped TieNavy Blue Striped Tie$24.90 $24.90 Formal Silver Mens Bow TieFormal Silver Mens Bow Tie$14.90 Geometric Diamond Tie in BlackGeometric Diamond Tie in Black$24.90 Silver Striped Tie with Blue AccentsSilver Striped Tie with Blue Accents$24.90 Handsome Men’s Tie in Silvers and BlacksHandsome Men’s Tie in Silvers and Blacks$18.90 Modern Plaid Tie in Pewter GreysModern Plaid Tie in Pewter Greys$18.90 Luxe Silver and Black NecktieLuxe Silver and Black Necktie$24.90 Neck Tie in Dark Grey and BlackNeck Tie in Dark Grey and Black$14.90 Mens Black and Charcoal Striped TieMens Black and Charcoal Striped Tie$18.90 Mens Art Deco Skinny TieMens Art Deco Skinny Tie$14.90 Mens\'s Graphic Tie in Metallic SilversMens's Graphic Tie in Metallic Silvers$24.90 Modern Designed Tie in PlatinumModern Designed Tie in Platinum$29.90 Metallic Silver Tie With TextureMetallic Silver Tie With Texture$14.90 Mens Silver Self Tied BowtieMens Silver Self Tied Bowtie$19.90 Self-Tied Bowtie in SilverSelf-Tied Bowtie in Silver$19.90 Handmade Gray Silk Tie by CantucciHandmade Gray Silk Tie by Cantucci$39.90 Self Tied Bow Tie by Cantucci in Smoke-GraySelf Tied Bow Tie by Cantucci in Smoke-G..$39.90 Tantalizing Silver Self-Tie Bowtie in Pure SilkTantalizing Silver Self-Tie Bowtie in Pu..$18.90

Guide to Wearing Silver Ties

Silver is one of the most festive tie colors. Especially solid color silver ties made from shiny sateen silk are one of the most festive tie choices a man could choose. They will make an excellent alternative to formal bow ties when dressing with a black suit instead of a tuxedo. If you are invited to a event calling for “Black Tie Optional” or “Black Tie Preferred” then a solid black suit, white dress shirt, and a solid silver silk tie with matching silver pocket square would make a very elegant and a more than acceptable ensemble.

Picking a Tie: Silver vs. Gray

Above is our collection of silver and gray ties. Which color you choose is a question of personal preference, dress code, and the suit style/color you chose to wear. As a general rule silver ties are more elegant than gray, and the shinier the fabric the more elegant it will appear.

Psychology of Colors: The Meaning of the Color Silver

Psychologists have studied the effects of colors on humans in much detail. Each color evokes certain feelings in the observer – something that fashion designers as well as interior architects consider in much detail when working on a particular collection or project.

Silver is a very elegant color that is often times associated with wealth and prosperity, but also with responsibility, respect, and dignity. Silver and gray evoke very similar feelings in the observer although silver is considered to be a more “light hearted” and optimistic color.