White Ties

Below is our current assortment of white neckties. Besides the classic solid white tie you will find uniquely patterned white ties from several exclusive designer brands.

Solid White TieSolid White Tie$9.90 Grey and White Striped TieGrey and White Striped Tie$9.90 Elegant Bright White TieElegant Bright White Tie$9.90 Solid White Mens Tie with White DotsSolid White Mens Tie with White Dots$14.90 Contemporary Striped Tie in Golds, Whites and TansContemporary Striped Tie in Golds, White..$24.90 Bright White Silk NecktieBright White Silk Necktie$18.90 Platinum Silver and White Striped TiePlatinum Silver and White Striped Tie$9.90 Formal White Tie with Matte SheenFormal White Tie with Matte Sheen$9.90 Formal Gingham Textured White NecktieFormal Gingham Textured White Necktie$9.90 Formal Ivory Designer TieFormal Ivory Designer Tie$18.90 Modern Striped Tie in Grey and WhiteModern Striped Tie in Grey and White$18.90 Solid Hued Tie in Bright WhiteSolid Hued Tie in Bright White$9.90 Solid White Bow TieSolid White Bow Tie$9.90 Preppy Black and Silver Striped TiePreppy Black and Silver Striped Tie$18.90 Modern Black and White Striped TieModern Black and White Striped Tie$24.90 Striped Silk Tie White SilverStriped Silk Tie White Silver$18.90 White and Black Polka Dot TieWhite and Black Polka Dot Tie$24.90 Rosewood Red Striped TieRosewood Red Striped Tie$14.90

Wearing the White Tie

The white tie is, along with black and silver, one of the most elegant tie choices. White ties look best when paired with gray, black, silver, and white. For an elegant look the white tie looks excellent when paired with a classic white shirt and charcoal-gray or black suit. For a more trendy and slightly more casual look the white tie can also be paired with a solid black dress shirt and gray, charcoal, or black suit. This look is best for trendy skinny white mens ties.

White Neckties & White Tie Dress Code

White tie is the most formal of all dress codes. As the name suggests a white tie is required as part of the ensemble. White tie attire however calls for a solid white bow tie rather than a necktie. For more information on this formal dress code please also visit our guide on: White Tie Affair