Camo In Menswear

Camo Is The New “It” Pattern In Menswear

Menswear Camo Fashion


Camouflage is the new hot pattern in menswear. We are seeing the trend in all sorts of looks from casual to professional and we like it! In fact, we like it so much that we are jumping in with our own collection of camouflage skinny neckties.   Camouflage is a unique pattern that can be easily dressed up and dressed down.   While we aren’t fans of wearing head to toe camo, we fully endorse accenting your look with this stylish pattern. We highly recommend camo ties, bow ties, bag packs, watches and sneakers.    Here is a sneak peek at the camo color ways we are producing and hope to have in stock in the next month or two.


Colorful Camouflage

These designer camouflages are guaranteed to add character and style to your menswear suits, blazers and cardigans.   Camouflage is a trend that is here to stay!  We look forward  to getting our shipment of camouflage skinny ties in. We highly recommend pairing these skinny camo ties with  a white pocket squares and a tie bar.  Here’s a sneak look at how awesome these ties are going to be.


Camo Skinny Tie

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    I am the men’s fashion editor at Martha Stewart Weddings. Would love to chat with someone regarding a project i am working on, is there a pr contact i could cal? THANK YOU

    Anthony Luscia

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