Coordinated Father and Son Accessories

Create Picture Perfect Ensembles for Dads and Sons This Season

Dad and Son Style

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Sons have always aimed to emulate their fathers in every regard from their interests and hobbies to their fashion proclivities.  We encourage you to embrace the spirit of  Father and Son this season and team up matching styles for fathers and sons.  Not only will everyone be charmed by the idea, but you’ll also have stylized picture perfect photos that will last you a lifetime. Here are our top picks for coordinated ties this season. And yes, we strongly recommend buying them matching accessories rather than matching motorcycles.


1.  Coordinating Patterns
Father and Son can accessorize in coordinating ties like these two polka dot ties: the Kids Tie in Burgundy and Blue  and the Red and Navy Tie.  Each of these classic accessories looks phenomenal on their own, but really sing when paired together with matching blue suits for two.

Coordinating Green Ties for Xmas

2.  Coordinating Colors
We love seeing fathers and sons in matching accessories.  Everyone will be donning red ties so we suggest being unique and festive by accessorizing with this dynamic shade of Dark Green with the Dark Pine Green Kids Tie and the coordinating Dark Green Bow Tie for Adults.

Matching Red Ties

3.  Exact Matches
And sometimes, the best way to accessorize Father and Son is the most obvious way of all  with exact matching neckties.   One our favorite seasonal combinations is the Bright Red Necktie for Kids and the exact matching Bright Red Tie for Men.   The holiday pictures will be divine with these signature red ties.

Happy Holidays.  And please send us pictures of your Father and Son photos for inspiration.  The best pictures and stories will get featured on our blog.

Your Mens-Ties Team

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2 Responses to Coordinated Father and Son Accessories

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi there,
    Im looking for a bow tie for a toddler and a necktie for daddy.
    Looking for midnight blue or a dark navy blue.
    Do you carry this in a matching color?
    Thank you!!!!

    • hendrik says:

      Hi Lisa,

      We do have a navy necktie with a matching kids bow tie option. Unfortunately the kids bow tie is not currently on the site but they are in stock. You can take a look at the adult necktie below:

      If you wish to place an order, you can give us a call with the following item numbers:



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