Five Avoid-worthy Menswear Faux Pas

Five Style Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Being a tie connoisseur and somewhat of a style snob doesn’t make it easy to walk the streets of everyday life. While our city, San Francisco, is called home by some very stylish people, there are equally as many style style challenged men walking the hilly streets of this diverse place. We went out and identified five of the worst fashion faux pas men currently commit.

mens-sock-fashion-mistakesBad Socks
A faux pas that is especially present during the warmer, Indian summer days. While we like to think that mostly tourists commit this fashion faux par when pairing Birkenstocks with tennis socks, there actually many men out there that could use a style refresher on this subject. Here are tips for avoiding bad socks

classic_leather_belt_mensBadly Matched Belts
Summer is now over, meaning that your pastel colored cotton belts should be stacked away in the back of your wardrobe. While this may sound like common sense to any fashion forward man, there are in fact lots style sinners when it comes to belts. Check out our entire story on Bad Belts here…

tacky_shirts_mensTacky Dress Shirts
Unless you are heading to Hawaii or back to the retirement community, there is no reason to ever wear a brightly colored floral patterned dress shirt. We at Mens-Ties took a closer look at the worst fashion faux pas with tacky dress shirts

Novelty_Ties_MensThe Novelty Tie
We can only think of very, very few occasions that would make a so-called big picture tie appropriate. Unless you are headed for an ugly Christmas sweater party and want to wear your Santa Claus Tie with a bright red cardigan, the novelty tie should stay hidden in your closet. For more information, check out our entire dress code for Novelty Ties here…

color_clash_mens_fashionClashing Colors
Elegance is all about subtly! Certainly, the colored chinos were an excited clothing piece during the summer days, but color overload should be kept at bay. Stick to harmonizing colors and avoid dressing like a parrot. For more information on this meanswear mistake, please click here…

Your Mens-Ties Style Team

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