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How To Travel Comfy and Stylish

Preparing to jet set soon to spend time with family and friends? Don’t be the sloppy one spotted on the airplane. A classy traveller will have stylish, comfy ensemble that will be party ready off the plane. Stay in the zone and avoid unwanted passenger chatter with noise canceling headphones along with the essential beanie to keep warm. Don’t keep sunglasses buried too far in case of unexpected sunshine rays to the eyes or if you want to stealthily take a snoozer. While a button up shirt and tie might seem like a bit much for the plane, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it classy. Opt for a more casual dark chino and comfy plain toe oxford. Traveling with a camel overcoat and sleek carryon will instantly take your look to any level above 10. Happy Holidays and Happy Travels!

Camel Overcoat

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