Robert Pattinson is The New Face of Dior Homme

He’s The Star of Their Ad Campaign

Dior Homme announced that Robert Pattinson will be the new face of their Ad Campaigns in Europe and Asia.   Pattinson is an English actor who struck fame  in his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series.  That role launched him straight to worldwide fame and now he is the face of one of the most established Fashion Houses that epitomizes modern luxury.  We have been long time fans of Robert Pattinson’s style.  He is a master of accessorizing with the solid skinny ties.

Here is a sneak peak on how the billboards are going to look.  Dior announced Pattinson as the face of their 1000 Lives Ad Campaign which is directed by Romain Gavras and photographed by Nan Goldin with the featured track being Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love.  We can’t wait to see this!


Here is an earlier photo of Pattinson pre his Dior days in a solid knit skinny tie with a square shaped tip.   He looked disheveled and polished all at the same time.


When Pattinson dresses up, he seems to always opt for either a minimalistic skinny tie or a bow tie.  We don’t know if Dior inspired Pattinson or if Pattinson inspired Dior, but we do like the results. We look forward to seeing more and more of this Ad Campaign. Keep the skinny ties coming!

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