Below are the six most popular ways to tie a necktie. Click on the type of necktie knot below to learn how to tie it. Besides instructions on how to tie each necktie knot we have tips and tricks on how to match each necktie knot to shirt, necktie, and outfit.

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More Ways to Tie Your Necktie

Choosing The Right Way to Tie a Necktie:

What matters most when choosing a tie knot for your necktie is the thickness of the tie as well as the shirt collar. The tie knot should fill the entire gap between both collar tips. Therefore wide spread dress shirt collars need to be matched with a thicker and larger necktie knot. The largest tie knots are the double Windsor knot, the Pratt knot, as well as the prince Albert tie knot.

For men that are new to wearing neckties (hence probably also new to tying them) should start out with an easy tie knot. The easiest of all tie knots is the classic four in Hand knot. It is a tie knot that is small and slightly asymmetric. It is a perfect knot for medium to narrow spread collars, button down collars, and also looks excellent with traditional striped ties as well as British regimental ties.

Men that prefer a tie knot with more volume may want to learn the double Windsor knot – a popular way to tie a necktie, but also one that requires a little bit of practice to master. Another larger knot is the Pratt knot. The Pratt knot is longer than the double Windsor and will be a knot that is easy to tie with a dimple. For more information you may also read our tips on How to Make a Dimple on a Necktie.

How Many Necktie Knots Should I Know?

This depends on your wardrobe, particularly your collection of neckties and dress shirt. We at suggest you know at least two necktie knots. One knot any man should know is the Four in Hand knot. Once you have mastered this necktie knot we suggest you learn to tie a double Windsor knot. For the overachiever and/or the daily tie wearer, we recommend a third knot depending on your collection of men’s ties and dress shirts.

Tie Lengths and Necktie Knots

It may seem obvious that larger necktie knots, also referred to double knots, need more length of the necktie to tie. Therefore, men with a larger neck size as well as tall men might find it difficult to tie a larger tie knot, such as the double Windsor, with a normal length necktie. If you are taller than 6 foot 2 inches, have a larger neck size, and/or prefer larger necktie knots, then you may want to consider switching to XL neckties. We at carry a large selection of extra long ties that have a total length of 62-64 inches – perfect for the big & tall man.