We at Mens-Ties.com put together some sample outfits that will give you a great overview on how to match a tie to shirt and suit.


Ties & Solid White Shirts

The easiest way to match a tie is with a classic white dress shirt. Any tie pattern as well as color will compliment the solid white shirt. In addition, the white dress shirt is suited for any season and occasion. If you are new to wearing suit and tie, then we suggest you start out with a few solid white shirts before exploring with more colors.

This sample outfit is timeless, classic, and elegant. It is a perfect ensemble for a conservative and traditional business environment. The charcoal gray suit and white dress shirt create an elegant background for any tie. Here we picked a burgundy red tie. The fine yellow and blue stripes on the tie add just enough color to give the outfit a more interesting, less boring look. To purchase this tie we invite you to view our entire collection of Burgundy Ties.


Adding More Colors

The second most popular dress shirt color matched to suit and tie is light blue. Therefore, once you have a few solid white shirts, we suggest you add one or two shirts that are light to medium blue in color. The light blue dress shirt looks great with suits in navy, charcoal, gray, and tan. In fact, it is almost as versatile as the solid white shirt! Unlike the white shirt however, light blue dress shirts are a touch less conservative and less formal. Nevertheless, they make an excellent choice for daily business wear. Another thing worth mentioning is that the light blue shirt also looks nice when worn without necktie and suit jacket – such as business casual attire.

The sample outfit we created above paired a classic charcoal gray suit with a light blue dress shirt and an amber yellow necktie. The tie adds nice color and sets a nice contrast to the light blue shirt. It is an outfit that will look great in any season of the year. To purchase this tie, please visit our selection of Yellow and Gold Ties.


Pink Dress Shirts

Over the past several years the color pink has become quite popular for neckties and mens dress shirts. Once you have a few white dress shirts and one or two light blue ones in your collection you may want to add some bolder colors to your wardrobe, and pink and/or light rose is an excellent choice. The fresh and bright color of pink looks best during the spring and summer months. Pink dress shirts combine best with suits in navy, gray, charcoal, and beige.

The sample outfit above is a perfect example on how to match a pink dress shirt with a classic & conservative dress code. The solid navy blue suit reminds of conservative business setting, while the light rose dress shirt adds fresh color and more live to the ensemble. The striped tie in midnight blue, navy, and pink perfectly ties the outfit together. To purchase this tie, please visit our collection of Regimental Ties.


Playing with Patterns: Matching Striped Ties with Striped Shirts

It gets a little trickier when you want to pair multiple patterns on shirt, suit, and tie into one outfit. As a general rule: Make sure that the pattern on each item is different in size and different in shape. Now, does this mean you cannot pair a striped tie with a striped dress shirt? The answer is yes you can as long as the patterns are different in size. For more information on matching patterns please visit our tutorial on Matching Ties.

The sample outfit we put together is a perfect example for matching a striped tie with a striped dress shirt. The narrow blue and white striped shirt is perfectly complimented with the wider striped tie in navy, red, and white. To avoid a pattern overload we kept the suit pattern-less and chose a complimenting navy blue color.


Patterned Suits, Blazers, & Sport Coats

While the solid suits are easiest to match, certain fabric patterns have become very fashionable for mens suits. The most classic patterns are pin stripes, herringbone, and birds eye – all perfect for everyday business. Then there are the more “sophisticated” patterns like tweed, window pane checks, and seersucker. Again, the same principle applies regardless of the pattern you choose: Make sure that the pattern on suit, shirt, tie, pocket square, and any other clothing item is different in size.

The sample outfit we picked here paired a window pane check blazer jacket with a solid light blue dress shirt and dark red necktie. The red of the tie is found in the brownish check pattern on the suit, and the light blue dress shirt pairs well with the jacket as well as set a nice background for the rich, red tie.